The Saint Anne Parish Hymnal for English & Spanish Speaking Congregations

The St. Anne Hymnal is a compilation of simple traditional Catholic liturgical hymns that can be used throughout the year.  It is especially designed for bi-lingual parish communities, as it includes hymns for both English and Spanish speaking congregations.  The hymnal was published in 2015 by St. Anne's Press for St. Anne's church in San Diego, an apostolate of the FSSP.

Our good friend Fr. Gismonidi, FSSP welcomed the project, initiated when he was pastor of St. Anne's.  In 2015 he kindly sent complimentary copies to various FSSP apostolates for review, with bulk pricing available for those who wished to purchase copies.  The hymnal was well received and brought great benefit to St. Anne's, accommodating both English and Spanish parishioners. 

Since its founding in 2008, St. Anne's discerned over time a growing need for a simple and affordable hymnal that could respond to the needs of both English and Spanish speaking parishioners.  A suitable traditional Catholic hymn book did not exist to meet their needs.  While most of the congregation at St. Anne's are English speakers (it is a destination parish and many commute, some at a great distance), the church also has a growing number of Spanish-speaking members.  At the same time the parish is located in a predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhood.    

The final product, at first printing, was this excellent hymnal that contained 53 hymns in English, 24 in Spanish and 6 in Latin.  The hymnal proved itself especially useful for entrance and recessional hymns sung in the vernacular for choral or congregational singing.

The hymns were divided into several sections and include: General Hymns, Our Lady and the Saints, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Spanish.  There is a helpful index in the back of the book and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.  

The hymns were well selected and familiar to most of the faithful.  Following is a sample of some of the English hymns, including many common favorites: Come, Holy Ghost (Veni Creator Spiritus); Faith of Our Fathers (text by Fr. Frederick Faber), Lead, Kindly Light (text by John Henry Cardinal Newman); O God of Loveliness (text by St. Alphonsus Liguori); Soul of My Savior (Anima Christi); Daily, Daily Sing to Mary (text by St. Casimir); O Sacred Head, Surrounded (text by St. Bernard of Clairvaux) and many more.   

In recent years it has become easier than ever for parishes to self-publish written media, including their own handy little hymnals.  This example is obviously of particular note, created with the intention of serving a bi-lingual parish.  St. Anne's in San Diego has done a terrific job leading by example, reaching out to the neighborhood while seeking to welcome and accommodate all faithful of good will.  

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