Emerald and Gold -- New Embroidery Work from Sacra Domus Aurea

The embroidery revival continues apace over at Sacra Domus Aurea, this time with a beautiful emerald green silk offering that has been embroidered in yellow and white gold. It has long been my experience and observation that while we tend to think of embroidered vestments particularly in relation to white (for reason of their use at the most solemn festal occasions) it is actually when they are set into contrast with beautiful greens, violets and reds where the art especially excels, capturing our attention and imagination -- for to put in popular terms, the colours "pop."  This most recent example is no exception.

The style of the new set is typically Italian in both form and design, utilizing a Tau cross on the front and single column orphrey on the back while the entire surface of the chasuble is ornamented by vines and flowers. Indeed, one of the things which presently sets Sacra Domus Aurea apart from other contemporary embroidered offerings is the intricate level of detail found in their works.  

Let's take a closer look.

To really get a sense of the beautiful green used here, one must see some of the detailed shots which show that it is a vibrant emerald green, a spring-like colour frequently seen within the Roman tradition. 

Frequently offerings such as these see the embroidery done in only one shade of gold or silver / white gold, but this particular offering combines the use of both yellow and white gold to very great effect.

It has been something of a popular trope in modern times -- one that I have been guilty of myself -- to suggest that machine embroidery could never possibly hope to obtain anything near the beauty of hand embroidery. To my mind, this is quickly being proven little more than an idealistic myth that has rested upon the limited examples that had been produced up to that time. 

More and more it seems that, with the right techniques and a good eye for design, it is indeed possible (and much more practical) and so the future looks bright.

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