Before and After: St. Leo the Great (Diocese of Birmingham, USA)

Photos: Murals by Jericho

Another stunning transformation of an old church recently restored to its birthright.  The above photo illustrates an enormous gap between two periods.   The new look from the 2021 renovation speaks of the formative process of Christian culture, building a design that showcases a classical standard or ideal towards which later ages have looked back.  It shows that the Church is the bearer of a higher culture while the Gothic of Medieval Christianity shines eternal - there having never been an age in which the transforming power of religion manifested itself so universally and in so many different ways.  St. Leo the Great is a cozy little church in Demopolis, Alabama (Diocese of Birmingham).  The area has some interesting Catholic history with the Catholic Faith having first been introduced to this part of the world in 1540.  

St. Leo's was built in 1905 in red-brick Gothic Revival style.  Since then it has undergone more than one renovation over the years due to age and fire damage which left the interior in a state of graviter ictus (severely wounded).  The project was completed by the parish administrator Fr. Justin Ward working together with a liturgical design consultant, Studio io - Instaurare Omnia, LLC.  The design and management of the site was by Murals by Jericho, Inc who were also responsible for the decorative painting, flooring, color selection, construction of the confessional and more.  The sanctuary furnishings, pews and interior wooden doors were created and installed by New Holland Church Furniture.  The beautiful floor is reclaimed heartwood pine that turned out absolutely beautiful.  Below are several photos which help capture the depth and sweep of the project.  Great job to all those involved in this exciting project.    

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