Solemnis: Manufactura Liturgica from Poland

All Saints FSSP parish in Minneapolis, USA, has recently acquired some new and very beautiful vestments made in silk damask by Solemnis in Poland.  Solemnis is a family owned business located in a picturesque village near the Czech border.  The family keeps busy with great staff who can make anything to order, including items made with fine gold-work, a rarity today.  They also make beautiful folded chasubles - see below for examples in black.  Poland has a long tradition for many centuries of producing gorgeous vestments of enviable reputation.   

Solemnis makes use of the best fabrics and trimmings that money can buy, of great quality and variety, sourced from many places, including historic textile producers in France, Italy and England.  Some of their offerings come from the more famous weaving looms in France, including among others, Prelle and Tassinari & Chatel.  Some of the most beautiful fabrics offered are silk lampas and silk lampas moire.  Solemnis is also keeping alive the tradition of hand-embroidery, a lost art that is most important to pass on to the next generation. In addition, Solemnis offers services to repair antique vestments, something that takes good judgement, experience and delicate handling. See here for a sample of their growing portfolio.

The following photos are from All Saint parish in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Many thanks to Fr. Daniel Mould, FSSP for acquiring these great vestments, an excellent addition to the sacristy.     

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