The Paschal Stylus (Stilus Paschalis) by Watts & Co of London

The stylus is an interesting instrument that is a rare liturgical sight.  It has again been made available by our good friends at Watts & Co (incidentally, our favorite shop to visit when in London, England).  The stylus became popular for a short time after the mid-1950's revision and simplification of the Holy Week rites of the Latin Church.  It came into vogue in some places for inscribing the Paschal Candle during the Easter Vigil, to carve the cross, the letters for Alpha and Omega as well as the current calendrical year.  The stylus of Watts & Co is made of sturdy pewter and is beautifully engraved with the words: Christus Heri et Hodie, Alpha et Omega.  The design is based on one originally made by Prinknash Abbey (the Benedictine monastery at Gloucester) after the new Holy Week rites were reformed in 1955.  The Watts & Co stylus comes in an attractive looking presentation box, an ideal gift for your pastor or clergy.  It would also make a great letter opener.  The stylus can be purchased here.

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