An Eighteenth Century Side Altar Dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary

Recently I came across the following side altar dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary which is located in the diocese of Trent in Italy. The altar has as its centrepiece a beautiful statue of the Madonna and Child coming from workshops in Brescia -- the statue itself is dated to the second quarter of the 18th century. As for the altar, it is dated to the third quarter of the same century. 

The altar is itself notable for its beautiful forms and colours. Made of Carrara marble and limestone, what I find particularly beautiful are the colours, ranging from purples, greens to subtle salmon shades. The altar proper includes a beautiful gilt ornamental cross set against a green marble. 

This reredos continues with this colourful theme, mainly of purples accentuated by salmon tones. All of this is, in turn, set off by the gold gilding found on the central statuary niche and the statues to either side of the altar.

The reredos is topped by two cherubs holding a crown for the Virgin housed beneath. 

Regrettably I do not have a great deal of information about this altar beyond what I have already mentioned, including where it is specifically located. But this example highlights the always important combination of form and colour in liturgical art. 

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