A Pontifical Requiem Mass in Kentucky

It has been a little while since we have done a pure photo-post and one of our readers has sent in the following a few days ago:
On October 26, The Most Rev. Roger J. Foys of the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky celebrated a Requiem Mass and Entombment for +Camillus Paul Maes, the third bishop from 1885 to 1915 in the Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption. Bishop Maes' final wish was to be entombed in the Cathedral he built. The antique Roman vestments used were made by in Rome by Tanfani e Bertarelli and date to the early 20th century.
Here are some of the photos they provided from the Mass. I would invite readers to pay particular attention to the sacred vestments used as well as the altar arrangement. The Mass would appear to have been offered in the modern Roman rite, but evidently within a spirit of continuity where the traditional forms are concerned. Regardless of one's own particular thoughts on the matter of the Pauline liturgical reform, liturgical events such as these, which show a sensitivity and deference toward the Roman liturgical tradition, are always to be embraced and welcomed in my estimation.

Some of our readers might also recognize the location or the altar carpeting shown here, which were featured in a post this past summer, Daniel Mitsui and Gardiner-Hall Collaboration on Altar Rugs for the Cathedral-Basilica of Covington, Kentucky.

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