Custom Gammarelli Vestment with Baroque Coat-of-Arms

Photo: OC-Travel
Recently while attending an FSSP Confirmation I was impressed to see this new green set of Roman vestments at the church of St. Anthony in Calgary, Canada.  In an age when many ecclesiastical vestments have ceased to reflect the intense mystery, august splendor and important quality of "otherworldliness" in the Church's liturgy, it is a breath of fresh air to see this and other such interesting new vestment projects that are springing up here and there. 

This specific project was initiated by the much-loved pastor, Fr. Antony Sumich, FSSP when he was posted to St. Anthony's "Latin Mass" community.  Fundraising was arranged by devoted parishioners, spearheaded by Sir Henry Kutarna, a knight of the most noble Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.  The aim was to provide the highest quality new, complete, matching sets in all the liturgical colors.  Donors gave for whole sets, or parts of sets.  The pope's own tailor, Gammarelli was commissioned and the custom vestments were designed and made at the storied Gammarelli studio in Rome.  Gamarelli also provided the impressive Baroque coat-of-arms, stitched by way of a computerized sewing machine, a service they also provide.  Further, embroidered inscriptions were included in the inner lining, discreetly displaying the names of the donors as a simple reminder for the vesting priest to offer a brief "memento" prayer for them. 

The Gammarelli motto is an important one: Nobilitas in Traditione.  I encourage readers to take a look at Signor Gammarelli's new website that was recently launched and to consider a similar project for your parish church.  St. Anthony parishioners believe these vestments will last 150 years.

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