Some Contemporary Marian-Inspired Vestments in Blue and in White

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary frequently brings up the matter of the privilege of liturgical blue. Blue, as a liturgical privilege, frequently turns up at this time in relation to Spain and her traditional colonies, though it historically is also associated with other parts of Europe such as Italy and Austria. As such, it seemed a pertinent time, given yesterday's feast, to highlight some contemporary works in blue (as well as white alternatives) coming from some of our contemporary vestment designers today.

One of the vestment designers who seem to receive particularly frequent commissions for blue vestments is Sacra Domus Aurea -- based out of Italy. Here are a few recent examples of their work in this area:

A second work from them, which includes an Immaculate Heart embroidery, can be seen here:

Now for those who don't enjoy the privilege of blue, there are other options; namely white/gold vestments with blue highlights:

Sacra Domus Aurea are not the only vestment makers working in blue however. Here, too, is another example coming from Pluriarte Arte Sacra, based out of Spain, which comes in a beautiful blue brocade founded within the baroque tradition:

In addition,Altarworthy, based out of the United States, also provide some worthy options, this time coming within the context of white (gold) vestments, with strong elements of blue within their designs, thus making them particularly "Marian" in character:

Finally, I would take a moment to feature some of the work in this area by Watts and Co. of London who also do a fair bit of work in blue:

They also provide some very beautiful options in white/gold with blue highlights that can serve those who do not have the privilege of blue:

All of these designers and firms are doing fine work. Do take a further look at them and lend them your support.

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