Teaching Kids the Roman Rite: My Book of the Church's Year

Photos: OC-Travel
It brings great joy to know that this wonderful childrens' book has been re-printed and is available in time for Christmas shoppers.  I highly recommend this treasure for kids of all ages.  It was originally published in 1948 and this facsimile edition was published in 2018 by St. Augustine Academy Press.  To purchase please see HERE.  Many thanks to Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, one of the leading liturgical scholars of our day, who was behind the project and wrote the eloquent forward.

The book is creative and helps children establish a time-line with simple images while following the Church's liturgical year, reflecting the seasons.  The kids who study this get to know the ecclesiastical year while learning something of the saints and other feasts through carefully drawn images that teach both kids and parents.  The truth is one of the most effective ways to teach kids the faith is through the lives of the saints.  This book is the perfect aid, illustrating true-life stories of greatness and leadership that inspire kids to sanctity and help plant seeds of devotion in children of all ages.

The artist is Enid M. Chadwick, an Anglican.  His book is one-of-a-kind and affordable.  It is a must on the shelf of every Catholic child in the English-speaking world.  It teaches kids to have an imagination about the Church's year, to clearly follow the liturgical calendar, reminding them when to feast and when to fast, bringing to life the pageantry of feasts and solemnities.

Catholic educator Dr. John Senior was fond of saying how important the quality of imagination is.  He emphasized this frequently, quoting John Henry Cardinal Newman, that conceptual truth is extracted by the intellect from the ground of the imagination.  Similarly kids must be able to imagine the Church's rich liturgical heritage.  The heart of children is reached especially through the imagination, by illustrated impressions, by the testimony of parents and teachers, by miracles, by colors, by description and pleasant drawings.  I pray this fine book will receive the wide audience it deserves.  Grandparents, be sure to buy this for your grandchildren.  

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