A Rare Sight: The Silver Chasuble

It is always interesting to see contemporary styles and techniques that embrace ancient canons of composition and elegance.  I have so say how impressed I was to be shown this unique silver chasuble, depicted on a Norbertine priest in California.  This work is the creation of Enzo Selvaggi, an Italian-American artist who designs vestments at his studio in California (along with other liturgical furnishing and appointments of the highest quality and craftsmanship). 

With purposeful intention this gifted artist succeeds in expressing and communicating the presence of the divine through the use of the highest aesthetic merit and spiritual meaning.  The grammar of his traditional designs takes on a new level of achievement with modern energy and techniques.  Hearty congratulations to Enzo and we wish him every success with his atelier devoted to liturgical arts. 

Although LAJ has covered Enzo's work before, I encourage readers to consider gifting their parish with a custom set of vestments of the highest quality, made by this talented curator of beauty.  

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