Daniel Mitsui and Gardiner-Hall Collaboration on Altar Rugs for the Cathedral-Basilica of Covington, Kentucky

The matter of altar rugs is one of those subjects that gets very little treatment in the liturgical arts, but this is something of a shame as they actually fulfill both a very practical purpose (in terms of the sacred ministers) as well as an artistic one (in terms of lending focus and additional beauty to an altar -- high altars in particular.

The liturgical firm Gardiner-Hall recently undertook just such a commission, done in collaboration with one of LAJ's own contributors, artist Daniel Mitsui:
The Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, KY, recently completed the installation of three new Gardiner-Hall custom designed rugs for the sanctuary and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. The rugs were loomed in the U.S.A. using 100% New Zealand wool.

Gardiner-Hall was privileged to collaborate with Indiana based artist Daniel Mitsui utilizing his "Ave" pattern in the fields of the rugs. Mr. Mitsui's ink drawings on paper or calfskin vellum are found in collections around the world. Among Mr. Mitsui's prestigious ecclesiastical works are his drawings for the 2011 edition of the Roman Pontifical commissioned by the Vatican.

Begun in 1894 and completed in 1915 by Covington's third bishop, +Camillus Paul Maes, the Cathedral-Basilica houses numerous artistic treasures including a triptych mural by the renowned American portrait painter Frank Duveneck, and one of the world's largest church stained glass windows. The Cathedral was raised to the rank of minor basilica in 1953 and greets close to one million visitors each year for tours, liturgies, and private prayer. Photos courtesy of Dave Cooley and the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky.
Here is a look at these new altar regis, beginning with the high altar. I think our readers will agree that they have a very positive impact on the altar and sanctuary.

The altar of the Blessed Sacrament chapel:

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