Bespoke Vestment Designer Maris Stella Vestments

We are nearing the conclusion of our considerations of various contemporary (but traditional) vestment designers and today I wished to continue with a maker we have featured on LAJ before, Maris Stella Vestments. This particular maker is based out to the United Kingdom and, as with our other featured vestment designers, pursue works that are inspired by the traditional liturgical arts of the Latin rite. In the case of Maris Stella Vestments, they make vestments ranging in styles from classic  baroque, Borromean to the gothic revival. Let's take a look at a sampling of their work.

Detail of the orphrey of a Borromean set made for Dominicans
A cope suitable to Marian feasts
Roman chasuble in the French style
An early gothic revival style chasuble 
Detail of the hood of a cope
A Roman style antependium
Some very nice works here for certain.

For more information, visit Maris Stella Vestments on their website or on social media.

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