Bespoke Vestments from Paramentica

Continuing on with our considerations of some of bespoke vestment makers who are operating at the moment, I wanted to turn our readers' attention to Paramentica Liturgical Design.

Paramentica is based out of the California, selling second hand and new vestment work. Today I thought we could share the following five piece Low Mass set which is made from an olive green damask and includes central panels in a gold brocade.

The design is, of course, Italian inspired and presents a nice variation, colour-wise, from the usual shades of green that have so often dominated the religious goods industry these past decades.

A look at the vestment on a mannequin helps gives a better sense of the cut. 

Finally, here is a detail showing a bit more of the textures of the textiles. 

For more information, visit the Paramentica at their website or social media page. 

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