Bespoke Vestments, Frontals and More from Luzar Vestments

Continuing on with our consideration of vestment designers, I want to turn our readers' attention to Luzar Vestments who are based out of Oxfordshire.  Luzar offers a range of ecclesiastical goods, from vestments and vesture to other items. In terms of their vestments, their offerings include not only new work but also antique offerings. For a change of pace today, I thought I would like to particularly draw your attention to are Luzar's antependia -- or altar frontals if you prefer.

You can always tell a "Luzar frontal" when you see it to my mind, particularly where their Roman style antependia are concerned. Here are a few examples of their work:

You can see with all of these that they are well designed and hang in a way that is very clean and graceful -- which is what you want for a Roman style antependium.

If, however, your tastes or needs lean more toward the medieval, Luzar also works in this genre as well:

Do take note of the lovely colour variations found on the fringes. The addition of gold details here, too, really set this particular piece off.

But as I said, Luzar does offer vestments as well. In fact, many of their Low and High Mass sets closely match the Roman antependia shown above. Here, however, are a couple of examples of one of their vestment offerings; a green chasuble in the French style, set on velvet with a silver Lamb of God and sunburst and rather unique textile for the orphrey itself.

And here, another offering in the truncated gothic revival style that includes a very stately green damask.

For more information visit Luzar Vestments at their website or social media page.

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