ALBL Oberammergau: The San Gimignano Crucifix

The liturgical artists at ALBL Oberammergau, in operation since the 16th century, have been quietly at work at their trade since we last featured them, and today I wished to show the crucifix of San Gimignano, a five foot high crucifix they have created based upon the 13th century work of Coppo di Marcovaldo.

As a general comment, medieval Italian crucifixes have always appealed to me and this work combines the beauty of the painted iconographic image of the earlier centuries of Christendom with the sculptural tradition that has become so integral to Christendom in later centuries in the Western world. A very fine marriage of the two.

The following is a description of the various iconographic images found on the crucifix:

Top: Pantocrator and Assumption of Mary

Left edge of cross beam: Jesus entrusts Mary and St. John to each other ("Woman, behold, thy son! Son, behold, thy mother!“)

Right edge of cross beam: St. Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome, Mary of Clopas

Left panel:

1. Betrayal of Christ
2. Flagellation of Christ
3. Crucifixion of Christ

Right panel:

1. Trial of Christ
2. Mocking of Christ
3. Lamentation of Christ

* * *

In addition to this, let me also take the opportunity to share another work, Our Lady of Grace (which is also five feet in height to give a sense of scale). 

Our Lady of Grace

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