Eighteenth Century Vestments from Stift Klosterneuberg in Austria

The Augustinian Monastery of Klosterneuberg in Lower Austria has one of the finest collections of vestments on display anywhere. In fact, many of our readers may well remember an article published here on their well known Art Nouveau set. Today I wanted to turn your attention to some of the 18th century vestments found in their collection.

Blue, as is well enough known, is a particular privilege of some portions of the Latin rite, particularly Spain but also other parts of the Catholic world as well -- parts of Austria inclusive. Here, then, is a very fine example of a blue chasuble taken from the collection; it is an example that stood out to me because of the richness and complementarity of the colours.

This next chasuble, a violet chasuble, has a very unique brocade to it. It has a particularly delicate quality that mimics very fine embroidery or gold lace. It really jumped out at me. (The stole is visible just to the right of it.)

Here are just a few more:

One final example is one that many of you will have seen before, but is worth looking at again; it is a rose cope with an unusually large stemma embroidered on the hood.

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