A Fifteenth Century Chasuble from Cologne

Just a quick article today to share a piece of interest coming from the SchnĆ¼tgen Museum in Germany. It is of a chasuble made from a Florentine textile from 1475 and an embroidered orphrey that dates from approximately the same period.

Suffice it to say, the chasuble would have originally been of a more ample cut, but as was frequently the case throughout these centuries, it would have been gradually trimmed back to align with whatever shape was most in style at the time.

The reason I wanted to share this example in particular is that it gives a very nice view of the kind of Florentine fabric that so often appears in vestments of this age, and again demonstrates the point that bold patterning and use of gold thread and the like was not something which found its origins in the distinctive textiles of the baroque era. In point of fact, they extend back into the middle ages.

This particular example is in a particularly well preserved condition and so I wanted to share it with readers to show the particular elegance of these vestments.

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