Introducing Jasper and Scheer Liturgical Art

It has been too long since we last featured a painter, so today I wanted to turn readers' attention to Jasper & Scheer Liturgical Art who describe themselves and their mission accordingly:
Jasper Artisan's Guild is committed to the beauty and sanctity of the Catholic (Universal) Church. We are a group of artisans working together on various religous and secular projects.

Specializing in Oil Painting, Sculpture, Woodcarving, Gold-leafing, Mosaics, and Stained Glass.

Restoration of artwork, French Polish, Venetian Plaster, Scagliola, Marbelizing, and Decorative Painting.
As you can see, they do more than simply painted works, but it is the painted work of Susan Scheer-Jasper that I specifically wished to feature here today.

In point of fact her work has appeared on LAJ before when we featured a collaboration between her and Altarworthy (see: Altarworthy and Jasper Artisans Guild Vestment Collaboration) but today truly counts as the 'introduction' proper. What reminded me of doing this piece was a question that recently came in from a reader who wondered where they could procure an original painted work of sacred art for themselves. This sort of question is always happily received because, just as in the case of interest in traditional woodcarving or bespoke vestments, it points to a growing desire on the part of people and parishes to not simply rely on mass produced religious goods; instead, they want original works founded within the tradition.

At any rate, as we usually do here with an introductory piece, we will provide a small sampling of work so that you can see the range of possibilities. That in mind, here is a sampling of the painted work of Susan Scheer-Jasper.

Our Lady of Grace. A painted copy of another work.
Veronica's Veil

To give you a sense of scale, some of the works of Jasper and Scheer Liturgical Art are quite small in size, while others quite large, demonstrating they are capable of working within any scale depending upon the particular needs of their customers:

Pictured here is the artist, Susan Scheer-Jasper, with two of her works, one of St. Juan Diego and the other, of course, St. John Paul II
A few more pieces:

St. Joan of Arc
St. Philomena
St. Isaac Jogues

Finally, outside of figurative works, decorative works and episcopal heraldry are also within their portfolio:

For more information, visit them on social media or by way of their website.

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