Altarworthy and Jasper Artisans Guild Vestment Collaboration

It is very rare anymore that one might feature something relatively 'novel' in approach, yet still distinctly traditional. However, there is a burgeoning group of liturgical artists out there who are keen to re-approach the tradition, yet also to somehow make it their own. Recently, Altarworthy shared one of their new works and while it certainly caught my attention at first glance, I wasn't entirely certain what to make of it. Part of this is simply due to the fact that I've never personally been one for "scenic" chasubles (i.e. chasubles that depict a whole scene on them, making the chasuble itself a kind of canvas.) Still, as I continued to look at this new work, it grew on me, for this approach was at least counterbalanced by a more traditional approach taken in the whole.

Here is Altarworthy's description of their collaborative work:
This chasuble explains the work of our hands here at Altarworthy. We seek to clothe Christ in glory and honor through the priesthood who act in "persona Christi" when they offer holy Mass and confer the sacraments. The back of the chasuble appears to become a window into the scene of the Passion of Christ. Yes, the entire back pillar of the chasuble is an *original oil on canvas painting* commissioned from contemporary liturgical artist, Susan Jasper, co-owner of "Jasper Artisans Guild" whose work graces the interiors of many church projects. The luminous brocade is a reproduction pattern of silk and metallic threads. Red is used on Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday), Good Friday, Pentecost, and martyr feasts throughout the liturgical year. This vestment, by definition and in fact, is a true work of art. Only one for purchase and in time for Passion Sunday.
While I am admittedly still not entirely certain what to think of a painted scene being placed on a chasuble (as compared to the more traditional, but admittedly far more costly and far more time-consuming approach of embroidery) nonetheless I believe this liturgical work is one of interest and merit for your consideration.

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