Incense Review: Evergreen

Incense Variety: Evergreen

Type: Athonite

Dominant Scent Classification: Woodsy

Dry note: Evergreen

Burn Note: This incense has very strong notes of pine and evergreen generally, and just behind that in the background, a little bit of cedar specifically. Now when I say this is a pine scent, I should clarify that I mean that as in the scent of drying pine needles. This is a less sweet aroma of pine than would be associated, by comparison, with the sort of "pine" scents that are often described in relation to Frankincense -- which are rather sweeter, like the wafting scent of pine tar on a warm summers day. This is a much drier evergreen sort of scent; more muted and less pungent.

Scent Strength: Medium. Like so many woodsy incenses, in my estimation at least, this particular incense is both distinctive in its scent and yet also not overpowering.

Impressions: If they could bottle the smell of what it is like to walk into a room with a fresh Christmas tree in it, or a Christmas tree lot, this would be it. Dry and woodsy.

Possible Liturgical Pairings: The most evident liturgical pairing would, of course, be Christmas and Christmastide, but I would also suggest this would be a good choice for Advent. Some, of course, in their zeal to separate Advent and Christmas, might be inclined to question this, however it must be remembered that pine is not reserved to our Christmas customs and decorations but also to traditional advent customs and decorations like the Advent Wreath. In that regard, the scent of evergreen should by no means be restricted to Christmas.

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Official Product Description: "A deep and rich mixture of fir, spruce, balsam, cedarwood and moss with touches of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus create a wonderful and complex aroma of evergreen. An especially delightful fragrance during the Nativity season, but wonderful for any time of the year. One of our favorites for the Nativity Season!"

Price: $28.00 USD per half pound. (Smaller sizes also available.)

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