A Tour of the London Oratory: Chapel of the Sacred Heart

Nearest to the narthex, to the left as one faces toward the high altar, is the chapel of the Sacred Heart. This particular chapel was decorated by Geoffrey Webb, author of the excellent work, The Liturgical Altar, though the altar itself was designed by Hubert Gribble -- whose name has come up a great deal in connection with our tour of the art and architecture of the London Oratory.

The centrepiece of the altarpiece is a Carrara marble statue of the Sacred Heart, flanked by two angels bearing symbols of the Passion -- the spear (or lance) that pierced the side of Christ and the Crown of Thorns.  At the pinnacle of the altarpiece is the Pelican, a symbol of Christ's Sacrifice and the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

We'd be remiss to not note that to the right of this chapel is also be found a life-sized statue of St. Anthony of Padua -- the focus of much historical devotion in the Oratory.

This concludes our consideration the "lesser seen" chapels that are to be found within the main church of the London Oratory, however, before we conclude our tour, I would like to include one or two further instalments to consider a few other odds and ends that can be found within this magnificent London church.

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