Armorial Liturgical Book Bindings

Just a brief photo-post today to share a few examples of armorial, liturgical bookbinding -- or, put more simply, liturgical books that have ecclesiastical arms incorporated into their design. These bindings have always had a particular interest for many and they are certainly very much sought after in the collector market for both their artistic and historical merit.

The tradition of armorial liturgical bookbinding is very similar to that of prelatial ecclesiastical arms found on vestments, serving in each instance as a historical commemoration and as a mark of their particular patronage.

With that very basic background in mind, here are a few examples coming from this tradition -- a tradition especially found in relation to liturgical books particularly to the pontifical liturgical rites. Enjoy.

18th century Canon Missae.
A three volume set of the Pontificale Romanum and a matching Canon Missae Episcoporum. The arms on the binding are those of Pope Leo XIII, though, unlike the other examples, not because these were used by or the possession of that pope, but rather because they were bound in Rome during his pontificate. Similar volumes were produced under other popes, often being presented to newly consecrated prelates.
Mozarabic Missal. 

Pontifical Romanum, 1611.
Canon Missae, 1729. The arms are those of Pope Pius VIII. 

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