The Lost Art of Hand-Made Altar Cards

The Pelican Printery House has produced this interesting hand-made set of illumined altar cards that deserves praise.  More here.  This is not seen very often anymore.  Many of us are pleased to see these forms of art making a comeback.  There is no lack of classical inspiration in the art of the new age, reviving great traditions from the past.  The vinescroll pattern interwoven with flowers and cursive script is just beautiful.  Be sure to check out the other fine items from the Pelican House scriptorium.  A description for the above image is seen on their Facebook page from last year: 

"More #workinprogress! Rubrication is under way. In manuscript illumination, rubricating means painting the letters red (from the Latin "rubrum" for "red"); and the red letters are typically those which compose new headings/chapters or directions, which is where the word "rubrics" comes from.  And the White Rose of York seems to have spilled out of the Coat of Arms and into the borders!  I am so grateful to my patron who made it possible for me to pull out all the stops in this manuscript illumination, from the hand-calligraphed text to the gilding and the illustration."

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