Introducing Hape Sculpture of Laion, Italy

Hape Sculpture is a woodcarving firm located in Laion in the very northern part of Italy. They produce all manner of woodcarvings, not only ecclesiastical, but it is that which is of course our focus here. Today I thought I would show a couple of their works which recently caught my attention. 

The first is an altar cross that is really quite spectacular. You can see a detail of it above, but here below is the entire piece.  It has a rather nice 'antique' feel about it.

As well, this recent Virgin and Child also caught my attention, and as always, I was gratified that they also shared some images of the work in progress -- one can almost smell that sweet, dry scent of the wood and the sawdust. 

With the carving completed, they begin to all colour to the new carved statue:

Here is the final result:

Finally, I thought we'd conclude with this video that Hape Sculpture has provided.

If you're interested in learning more, or making an enquiry, you can visit Hape Sculpture's website or see them on social media

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