Book Notice: Habiller le Culte - Vestments from Eighteenth Century Belgium

There are a plethora of books that cover the matter of sacred vestments, but uncovering the very best of the best -- as defined by both the quality of the publication photos as well as the quality of the vestments shown -- can sometimes feel as rare as trees in Venice; it takes some searching. 

Recently I was sent a review copy of an exhibition catalogue, Habiller le Culte, which loosely translates as "dressing worship," an exhibition which took place at the Musée de la Tapisserie in Tournai; a museum of textile arts. The exhibition comes within the context of sacred vestments taken from the treasury of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in the same city: Tournai, Belgium. 

This particular book, which covers an exhibition that was presented in the autumn of 2021, is not only a substantial catalogue, it is noteworthy for the reasons presented above: the quality of the publication is phenomenal and the vestments contained therein are second to none; they are amongst some of the best of the best where vestment design is concerned, particularly if you have an interest in embroidery. 

Contained within this exhibition catalogue is an impressive series of sacred vestments taken from the Dormal-Ponce atelier of the 18th century. To give you a taste, here is a bit of what you can find in the catalogue:

I would definitely recommend this catalogue if you are interesteed in the study of vestments, or if you simply wish to enjoy their beauty. The language of the catalogue is, I should note, in French, but even if you are not a French language speaker, the photos alone make this book worth your while. 

For more information on acquiring the catalogue, please contact the museum

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