Crux Stationalis: New Lenten Stational Church Videos from Rome

Jacob Stein is an American student in Rome.  He has done a terrific service by producing excellent little videos on the Lenten stational churches in Rome.  An introduction video can be seen here
The videos can be found on his YouTube channel entitled Crux Stationalis.  I encourage readers to check out his links here.  

Jacob studies the sacred science theology at the Angelicum.  He was inspired to travel to Rome for his graduate work after being deeply moved by the spirituality of the Passionist saints, whose writings inspire his daily life and work.  His media apostolate in the Eternal City serves a unique purpose and deserves our attention for his focus on liturgical arts and history.  

One of the most positive aspects of the devotions surrounding the stational churches is the authentic opportunity for "metanoia."  This is the idea of going on a journey for spiritual conversion, changing one's way of life in a spirit of penance and spiritual conversion.  In consequence we are encouraged to all be converted anew by following the station churches, a fundamental exigency of the Gospel message.  

In a certain way, prayer is the first and last condition for conversion, spiritual progress, and holiness while the tradition of the stational churches is a prime example of the Church's authentic liturgical dynamism, actuating a deeper unity between the life of clergy and the laity with the traditions of the Roman Church.  I encourage readers to journey with Jacob on this road of conversion and spiritual growth through the streets of Eternal Rome.  Please support his work and help share the good news.     





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