Pointilist Catholic Illustrator Quentin Leduc

Catholic illustrators have been on the rise of late it would seem and their work fills an important gap for not every work of liturgical art is destined for a vestment or a church wall; they are also needed for publication in liturgical books, parish bulletins, to be used on altar cards and so on. 

Today I wanted to share the work of Quentin Leduc, a young illustrator who practices his craft using the pointillist technique. Pointillism, for those not familiar, is the practice of using small points or dots, sometimes in different colours, other times simply in different densities and patterns, to create the visual illusion of a unified whole -- one might consider here how a mosaicist can use different small stones and gems to create something similar.  For those interested in art history, one might recognize this as the technique used by the 19th century French artist Georges Seurat. 

In the case of Quentin Leduc, after studying art at the Saint-Luc Institute in Belgium, he started as a graphic designer and illustrator. He converted to Catholicism at the age of 21 and after studying Christian art for six years, he decided to make it his profession, creating various symbolic and iconographic Christian models in the gothic period style.

Quentin exhibits his works on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Limited edition prints of his work are available in his online store.  Here are just a few examples of some of his work:

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