New Embroidered Work Blends Elements of the French and Italian Tradition

We are pleased to show another example of some of the embroidered work coming out of the atelier of Sacra Domus Aurea. To date, much of the embroidered work that is out there has mainly consisted of embroidering small symbols and designs -- perhaps a cross, or perhaps a design for the axis of an orphrey -- but what makes the work of Sacra Domus Aurea stand out is the utilization of embroidery over the entire surface of the chasuble in the vein of the tradition in this regard.

The latest offering comes in a French cut and style, mixing elements from the Italian tradition with the French into a harmonious whole. The Italian element can be seen in the beautiful vinework that covers the entirety of the chasuble's surface, while the French elements are found in the cross on the back, the use of a symbol at its axis  -- in this case, the Sacred Heart -- and of couse the shape of the chasuble itself is French. 

Let's take a closer look.

The chasuble employs two tones of gold for its embroidery: white gold and yellow gold; this combination helps to ensure that the chasuble design does not come across as overly 'flat' and also helps to accentuate details such as the crown of thorns around the heart. 

One can also see that the embroidery is varied in such a way that some of the embroidery is lighter and other components of it heavier; this adds an additional layer of visual interest and the all important quality of texture.

Let's take a look at some of the other pieces of the set. The maniple and stole include images of both the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart.  While this is not commonplace, it is worth noting that using imagery here, other than a cross, is not at all unknown within the tradition. 

Finally a quick look at the chalice veil and burse:

Another finely executed piece of work that adds to the ever growing repertoire and portfolio of contemporary embroidered works that sit squarely within the European tradition.

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