Martyrs Cope of the Mid Nineteenth Century

The following cope, embroidered in gold on red silk lamé, was produced in the north of Italy in the mid-19th century and includes various images of early martyrs upon it. Before we look at the saints in question, let's first take a look at the back and front of the cope in full to get a sense of the overall design, which is quite spectacular and includes a fringed hem, more typical of pre-18th century work:

As noted, various images of martyrs are portrayed on this cope, all in gold embroidery, embroidered on the hood/shield and within the orphreys. The martyrs include S. Proculus of Bologna (a martyred solider who died in the 4th century), S. Alessandro of Bergamo (d. 303), S. Barnabas the Apostle, S. Vincent (d. 399), S. Fermo (d. 250) and S. Namus (d. 345).

S. Vincenzo

S. Procolo

S. Barnabas

S. Narno

S. Alessandro

S. Rustico

S. Fermo

This cope is a spectacular piece of liturgical art and was embroidered by Mangheroni-Piazzalunga and designed by Giuseppe Rillosi, Luigi Rota and Luigi Ravazzi of Lombardy. 

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