Book Notice: Reprint of the Rituale Romanum

European readers have been asking where to get a good copy of the Rituale RomanumA few years ago this excellent edition was reprinted in Germany.  It makes a great gift for priests, seminarians, deacons, subdeacons, religious brothers and sisters and others.  If I may say so, I also think the Roman Ritual is the perfect addition for the home library of every Catholic family, including lay folk.  This is a great version in Latin, based upon the 1952 typical edition.  As a bonus, it includes the traditional Vulgate Psalms.  The text layout and sheer beauty of the volume observe the highest quality standards of the great liturgical publishing houses of yesteryear.  The cover is genuine leather.  I also think young students of Latin would do well to follow these prayers in the pursuit of improving their ecclesiastical Latin. 

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