Benedictus: An Affordable Missalette for the Traditional Liturgy

After a long winter, finally it has arrived.  For the first time ever, English-speaking Catholics have their own modern paper missalette booklet for praying the Traditional Latin Mass.  Known as Benedictus (similar to the Magnificat paper missalette which was unveiled over twenty years ago), news of the new initiative has gone viral since the launch was announced.  As predicted, the finished product is nothing short of spectacular, evidenced in the sample copy showcased here.  

After receiving the sample copy in the mail and paging through its rich vanilla pages, I have to say how immensely impressed I am with the quality and professional design work; it actually feels good to pour through the beautiful laser cut designed pages again and again.  Each page has a Renaissance look and feel of yesteryear with antiquated typeset and digital design work and glowing pen and ink illustrations that bespeak of time-honored beauty and the elegance and lofty greatness of TLM.  

Below I include several photos which I hope will help illustrate the magnitude of the finished project and to give readers on the fence a taste of the content and design, sincerely hoping you will subscribe as soon as possible.  Photos below highlight the pages with their variety of texts, daily devotions, meditations, classical essays, beautiful prayers and ideas for fostering a vibrant Catholic culture in the home.  The inaugural issue will be released in August 2021.  I encourage readers to subscribe ASAP to support this great initiative.           

From the inside intro page:


Amid the widespread religious confusion and secularization of our age, a small flame continues to grow: priests and laypeople around the world are being drawn to the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as the clear and authentic Catholic teaching and morals that inform and flow from it.

With expanding interest in the timeless and priceless doctrinal and liturgical patrimony, BENEDICTUS is an attempt to assist the faithful in their daily spiritual lives by making the riches of Sacred Tradition more immediately accessible and practicable than ever before.

Join us in this sojourn into the heart of the Church's perennial faith and prayer, as we seek to grow in holiness according to the pattern traced by countless saints and mystics, and to further share the wealth of our Catholic heritage with others.

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

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