Another Curiosity

Back in September of 2018 we showed our readers a curious Marian chasuble that had a similar, rustic, folksy character to the example we are showing to you today. Not unlike that previous example, I regrettably have very little in the way of solid information to offer other than to say that it is has been dated to the 18th century and is located in northern Italy in the diocese of Udine. (I personally suspect it may actually date from the 17th century however, but I digress.)

The chasuble in question depicts Christ and the Virgin in the central orphrey surrounded by angels. To either side of the orphrey are found two Franciscan saints. To the right is presumably St. Anthony of Padua, shown carrying the Christ-child; to the left, while I am uncertain, I would have to wonder if it isn't intended to depict St. Francis of Assisi himself. Various other floral symbols are embroidered over the chasuble, as well as Eucharistic symbols such as grapes. 

This particular style is one that I have also seen in parts of Eastern Europe, which may or may not explain its location in the north of Italy. It may well represent a particular regional approach to vestment decoration as it is a style which seems to have been purposefully replicated, turning up in a number of different vestments from the same period. 

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