A Curious Marian Chasuble

I wanted to share an interesting looking chasuble I ran into some while ago. I really know nothing about it, but the design struck me as quite unique. It would appear as though this vestment was designed for this particular cut of chasuble (rather than being a cut back from an earlier form) which tells us something about the period in which it was likely made.  The embroidered designs on it are rather rustic having a kind of 'folk' like quality to it. Based purely on its stylistic qualities, my guess would be that it is something of either Spanish/Portugese (or their colonies) or Eastern European in origin.

You can see that it is a Marian chasuble with various flowers surrounding the image of the Madonna and Child. The inclusion of a figure is itself rather rare for vestments of this period -- though not so for 19th century work.

A fascinating bit of work. If any reader has any more information on it, please let us know. 

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