Photo Post: Assumption in Lyon

It has been awhile since we have had a pure photo post and I can think of no better candidate for one than the CollĂ©giale Saint-Just in Lyon under the auspices of AbbĂ© Brice Meissonnier and the FSSP. This particular church is one that we have featured on our Facebook page many times before, but it is also worth sharing here as a primary piece. Here both the usus antiquior is celebrated as well as the venerable rite of Lyon.  Here too is found a strong focus on excellence, not only in the celebration of the sacred rites, but also within the liturgical arts. Romanitas prevails here, mixed with the traditions of France and, of course, Lyon.

The photos in question come from the feast of the Assumption but they were only just published yesterday. I have decided to let the photos speak for themselves, but one thought I would put forward for your consideration is this:

While being ornamental, the traditional art, architecture, liturgical arrangement and ceremonial of the Roman rite has an inherent nobility, beauty and simplicity that it inherits from its harmony, symmetry and singular unity of purpose.  It is at once ornamental without being ostentatious, elaborate without being convoluted, penetrated by mystery but also ever so clear in its focus.


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Mass was followed by Benediction.

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