Renaissance of Teaching Sacred Liturgy to Children

Photo: OC-Travel
Parents everywhere want the best education for their children.  We can never underestimate the obligation to educate our Catholic children from the youngest age in the ways of our Faith. One common observation I hear from serious Catholic parents who chat over coffee after Sunday High Mass can be summarized thus: "Help!  There is a lack of catechesis in the area of all things liturgical.  What can we do to teach our kids?  Who do we turn to?"

Recently at a homeschool conference I had a unique experience seeing the plethora of tables with a wondrous array of educational materials made available to all, while generally known exclusively to homeschool moms. Thanks to a veritable and burgeoning renaissance in Catholic book publishing, today there are more resources than ever for all Catholic moms and dads to teach their children the tenets of the Faith.  Some of these resources are new while others are tested and proven.

Ironically, these treasures play a big part not only in teaching the child, but also the parent who in today's world is often playing catch-up, feeling a gap in their own educational upbringing. How providential these resources are, helping to change and revitalize the student experience and educational landscape while also helping to form a new generation of Catholic moms and dads.

A great many of these resources that catch my eye are reprints, treasures from the past coming to the rescue. Half the challenge for many parents is to find the resources.   I find this is best done by being introduced to the proper online networks.  Once you plug into the proper sites, you have instant access to all the best resources from today and yesterday.

Special mention goes to Mother of Our Saviour, who publishes the above book seen in the photo.  This excellent resource comes highly recommended and can be purchased online for $3.50.   I highly recommend this coloring book, Come to Mass by Fr. Francis, available on the company website.  The same company offers a great many resources to help Catholic children and parents grow in knowledge of their faith.  Buy from them and support them.  

While I generally avoid any sort of 1950s "romanticism," it must be said some of the best resources in the area of liturgical catechesis for kids were published at that time, a time that can be said to have been a golden age in liturgical formation for young and old alike. 

Such a joy it is to see many of these old treasures re-printed for the first time and made available to the grandchildren of some of those who would have received some of their first liturgical formation from them.

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