Metalwork and Porcelain from the Imperial Treasury of Vienna

Continuing on with our consideration of some reader submissions from the Imperial Treasury of Vienna, we move away from textiles for a moment to consider some other manifestations of the liturgical arts, beginning with a very unique set of altar card frames, altar cross, candlesticks and reliquaries that are made from porcelain.

Not all of the pieces are displayed of course, but you can see in the middle one of the frames for the pair of smaller altar cards for the Last Gospel and Lavabo.  Three of the altar candlesticks are seen in the back.  
The altar cross and central altar card frame
Next are various reliquaries comprised of various precious metals and stones.

Various reliquaries

Above is only a small sampling of the numerous reliquaries of this particular style that the imperial treasury holds.

Last, but certainly not least as far as reliquaries go, is this magnificent piece.

Finally, a golden rose, created by Giuseppe and Pietro Paolo Spagna. Rome around 1818. The golden rose is an ornament traditionally blessed and given by popes to churches, royalty and even individuals.

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