A Roman Pianeta Fit For a Dominican

In keeping with the liturgical moment, we recently featured a rose set around Gaudete Sunday and as these last days of Advent now slip quickly away we turn our eyes toward the solemn and festive colours of Christmas.  It's interesting to note that in traditions such as the French, it is quite common to see gold cloth utilized on days such as Easter or Christmas, but within the Italian and Roman tradition, this seems far less common with the preference still strongly leaning toward the use of white with gold or other highlights (be it in the form of lamé or embroidery -- or both). 

Continuing on with this trend is this most recent offering coming from Sacra Domus Aurea which includes some added Dominican touches for their client. But before we get to those, let's first take a look overall.  

The base of the chasuble is a white silk moiré and the embroidery, which covers the entirety of the chasuble's surface, has a delicate quality that is typical of the embroidered works of the later decades of the 18th and first half of the 19th century. The design includes various floral, plant and fruit based motifs in two tones of gold as well as the used of a cross-hatched pattern for larger areas of embroidery that is typical to the period in question. The orphrey design continues on with this naturalistic motif, coming in the form of twisted leaves.  

The back of the chasuble includes a stemma (i.e. arms) that utilizes a baroque era shield surmounted by a crown and also incorporates other symbols of the Order of Preachers, including the usual Dominican cross with its alternating colours (done by using two tones of gold in this particular instance) which is further encircled by the rosary and topped by the star associated with the Dominican order.

These Dominican crosses are also found on the maniple and stole of the set as well as the chalice veil and burse:

Some further details to give readers a sense of the textural qualities of the embroidery which catches the light quite nicely:

All in all, another very fine piece of embroidered work coming out of this atelier

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