The Art of Altar Missals: Example from Canada

Photos by OC-Travel
Many young priests today are interested in new designs for altar missals -- for understandable reasons. Unfortunately, modern stock altar missals for the modern rite cultivate long-dormant styles of the sixties that are today seen as dated lapses of judgment, time warps that illustrate poor taste and lack of inspiration.  The sixties style, a revolutionary renunciation of classical templates, does not extend to the present time and has proven itself unable to keep abreast of current tastes that resound with young clergy. The changes of style and decoration unleashed during that tumultuous decade have been debated for over fifty years. 

Fr. Pablo Santa Maria of the Archdiocese of Vancouver published his own version of the Novus Ordo Missale Romanum, designed completely by himself for his own private use.  It took several months to complete, with the priest putting it together in stages during his spare time.  I have to say how truly impressed I am with the superior quality of design and layout of the finished project, including both Latin and English versions.  The exquisite binding in calfskin red leather with embossed cover was fashioned in the north of Spain by a local artisan in Pamplona.  

The following are a collection of images that illustrate the superb quality and beauty of the project.  

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