Varieties of Violacea V

With Advent coming quickly upon us this weekend, I thought I would continue a tradition of previous years by showing some different examples of violet vestments taken from the past few centuries.

If you pay attention to the details and centuries that go with them, you will begin to pick up on the stylistic patterns that can be found there. From the more colourful (but muted) textiles of the 18th century, to the tastes of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Padova, 18th century
Venice, Mid 18th century
Viterbo, 18tb century
Tuscany, 18th century
Viterbo, 19th century
Sabina, 19th century
Prato, 19th century
Crema, 18th century
Lombardy, 19th century
Lombardy, First quarter of the 20th century
Source: BeWeb

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