Sacristy Tour: The Basilica of the Nativity of Mary, Senglea, Malta

One of our readers kindly sent in the following photos which give a wonderful inside look at the sacristy of the Basilica of the Nativity of Mary in Senglea, Malta.  The church was originally built in 1580 and declared a "collegiata insignis" by Pope Pius VI in 1786; in 1921 it was made a basilica by Pope Benedict XV. The basilica was regrettably destroyed during the Second World War, but was admirably rebuilt and re-consecrated in 1956.

As you will see, the sacristy is extremely well furnished -- and this is obviously only a taste of what else must lie in storage in those vestment cabinets.  Various white/gold vestments are in evidence, set out for a great feast (as is evident from the festal red hangings seen both here and within the basilica itself).

In addition to the vestments of the feast, readers will note the altar cards, sacred plate and various other liturgical accoutrements set out around the sacristy.

Finally, it is worth stopping to admire the architectural components of this sacristy, the painted works and the woodwork -- all common features throughout so many sacristies in Europe.

Here is a broader view of the interior and exterior basilica, outside of the sacristy itself.

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