Prelatial Dress of the Religious Orders: The Carmelites

In our previous instalments in our series on the Prelatial Dress of the Religious Orders, we looked at the Franciscans and Benedictines and today we turn our attention to the Carmelites.  As in the case of the previous two religious orders, Carmelite prelates continued to retain the distinctive colours of their habits in their own prelatial dress,  namely brown and cream white -- though unlike the previous two orders, the Cardinals of this order had the privilege of purple lining, piping, stockings and fascia. This particular combination makes the prelatial dress of the Carmelites one of the more distinct and interesting to my mind. Outside of the cardinals of the order, the basic schema of their prelatial dress was that the cassock, simar and cincture were brown while the mozzetta, mantelletta, ferraiolo, cappa magna and ferraiolone were of a creamy white colour.

To begin, let's look at two examples of their non-choir dress. Here we can see their brown coloured cassock and the cream coloured ferraiolo.

Turning to their choir dress, as noted the mozzetta as well as the mantelletta were of cream white, taking their colour from the mantle of the Carmelite habit. Here are a few examples:

In addition, the summer version of the cappa magna was also in a creamy white tone as can be seen here (the winter version apparently being brown with a hood of ermine):

Of course, one of the most interesting aspects of Carmelite prelatial dress was the privilege of purple for the trimmings, lining, fascia and stockings, which made for a rather unique and colourful combination. While not of the highest quality, an example of this can be seen in this video still:

A further example can be seen in this painted portrait where the purple fascia is just visible:

By way of a bonus, here are a few more historical photos (in black and white regrettably) showing Carmelite prelates in their prelatial dress:

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