Iconographer Vladimir Grygorenko

While our focus here on LAJ has been substantially oriented toward the Latin rite, the liturgical arts of the Christian East have always been a matter of great interest and, as such, I was pleased to hear from Subdeacon Vladimir Grygorenko, a Ukrainian iconographer in the Byzantine tradition who is based out of the United States.

Given the Latin rite focus of many of our readers, you may be interested to know that Mr. Grygorenko is also quite interested in pursuing projects in Catholic parishes that would consider utilizing an early Christian and Romanesque style.  But be you a parish proper or one who simply appreciates the fulsome tradition of traditional Christian liturgical art, I thought a number of our readers would be interested in looking some of his work, beginning with this beautiful and vivid icon of the Theotokos:

Icon of the Theotokos
Here too is an icon cross whose shape will be very familiar to many of our readers
(found as it is so often is within the medieval Italian context):

Of course, beyond traditional panel icons, Grygorenko also works in other traditional mediums, including mosaic and painted wall murals:

Resuurection Memorial Chapel, Dallas, Texas
Holy Ascension in Charleston, South Carolina
Detail taken from Holy Ascension in Charleston, South Carolina
Here too is one of his proposed designs for the decoration of a church in the traditional Roman basilica style.

I really quite enjoy his work and there is a colour and life to it which, to my mind at least, sets it apart from many others.

If you would like more information, or would like to explore what Mr. Grygorenko might are able to offer your parish in the way of liturgical art, please visit him by way of his website.

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