New Vestment Work: A Gold Cope from Sacra Domus Aurea

As always, I am interested in sharing the work of our supporters -- not simply because of their interest in and support of LAJ but also because LAJ believes in the mission and the quality of their work -- and today I wanted to share a bit of the recent work of Sacra Domus Aurea.

In particular, I was quite interested in a cope they recently produced which incorporates the use of a very fine golden velvet brocade with a green brocade. Combining different brocades into a single vestment is not an easy task as the problem frequently faced is one of the vestment becoming too "busy," but they have successfully avoided this problem here in my estimation and it creates a great deal of aesthetic interest in my opinion. Let's take a look:

Proof, once again, that fine vestments are not a matter of the past but rather a thing of the present -- if you only seek it out. For more information, visit Sacra Domus Aurea.

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