Before and After: Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Louisiana

Today I wished to share a project coming from Wisconsin based Conrad Schmitt Studios who recently completed a project for the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The project included new mural work, decorative painting as well as conservation work. Let's take a quick 'before and after' look:

As readers can well see from the 'before and after' image above, the 'before' of this cathedral church was quite nice in its own right, if rather 'neutral' overall. In the new scheme, however, brighter colour is the order of the day, and what I would particularly highlight in this regard is the positive impact this has made on the altar and reredos.

Whereas in the previous colour scheme the altar and reredos were somewhat 'washed out.' in the new scheme they rather 'stand out' making the centrality of the altar clearer.

Here are a few more details from taken around the cathedral:

Finally, here is the before and after one more time:



Very fine work by Conrad Schmitt Studios. For more information, please visit them on social media of by way of their website.

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