The Difference of an Interior Restoration: St. Mary's in Menasha, WI

Beauty attracts. The above images display what the interior of the German-Gothic church of St. Mary in Menasha, Wisconsin (Diocese of Green Bay) looks like today (on the right) and what it looked like for many years before (on the left). Built in the 1880s, the church was very much in need of a color and design boost with a properly conceived interior restoration. The project continues; the sanctuary has been completed and images below illustrate an interior rendering of what the church will look like after the restoration is completed. The project is being spearheaded by our good friends at Conrad Schmitt Studios. The images clearly illustrate the breathtaking power of an interior enhancement, with resplendent Renaissance colors and design winning the day. The photo below was taken last August, with the sanctuary already restored.  

The parishes of Saints Mary and John the Baptist in Menasha have something to be very proud of. Phase one of the restoration of St. Mary was competed in 2022. The parish is now working to raise yet $154,570 in its Renaissance fund to cover the total costs of phase two. Painting in the nave will be completed this year, a stunning improvement that will benefit generations. Congratulations to all involved, including the dedicated clergy and parishioners. Donations can be made here

From the parish fundraising page: 

"We have chosen to return St. Mary to her original glory, with a Gothic Revival paint scheme that emphasizes and unifies the church into what it originally was and what it always should be: a crown jewel of the Church in Wisconsin. In 1898, a newspaper said, '...St. Mary’s congregation has accumulated the largest and finest church property in this vicinity.' Please help us continue their legacy. With your prayers and financial support, the restoration and maintenance of our beautiful church will preserve our sacred space for generations to come!"

Let this be a national example of what can be done. 
Worthy is the Lord to receive and be surrounded by beauty for He is the SOURCE.

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