Gothic Inspired Mitre by LAVS

LAVS is a well-known creator of hand-made vestments and miters in the medieval footprint. During the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, their studio produced various items that made headlines, recognized by their unique three-dimensional tool work and filigree embroidery. LAVS miters are seen everywhere in Italy. 

More samples of various works can be found on the LAVS website here

Following are images of a custom mitre made by LAVS for the now retired Cardinal Archbishop of the See of Genova, Angelo Bagnasco. The occasion was his final Mass as the Ordinary of Genova (he can be seen holding a reliquary of St. John the Baptist). Such a mitre will be prized for generations, kept in the treasury of the cathedral sacristy and will surely be used by future bishops on special occasions. 

While most of the works produced by LAVS are in the footprint of the Gothic Revival, they also produce custom Roman style chasubles that are of superior quality and craftsmanship. A sample can be found here on their website.

These unique mitres appear to be embroidered on a variety of fabrics with metal-thread and glass jewel highlights with pearls, enamels and other stones. Some of them include exuberantly worked floral and scroll work designs that make them true works of art, edged with gilt braid, some with the coat-of-arms embroidered on the fringed lappets. The glittering gemstones are an elegant touch. 

God bless LAVS and may they continue their important work, enriching the sacred liturgy by making genuine contributions to the liturgical arts -- ad majorem Dei gloriam. 


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