Children's "Play Vestments" by the Liturgical Co.

The Liturgical Co. is a vestment atelier based in California under the care of Ms. Sequoia Sierra.  Ms. Sierra designs, creates, and repairs vestments, habits, and other religious and liturgical items and furnishings related to textiles. She also produces reversible "play vestments" for children, a unique item many parents are looking for while not knowing where to look. For more information, click here.  

Following is a blurb from the website:

"The goal of the Liturgical Co. is to beautify sacred spaces and Churches for the greater honor and glory of God. Therefore, we strive to work with our clients, mostly priests and religious sisters in designing and creating items that provide them with a work of art yet still remain within their budget. If you are a donor who would like to put money towards the creation of such items or to help a priest, a poor parish, or religious sisters in their desired project, please contact us and we can allocate your donation to a specific project that you would like to help. Our design firm also provides vestments, habits, research and advice for film and theater productions involving Catholic Liturgical items and stories. Contact us for Costume Vestment/habit advice, rentals or designs."



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