Gothic Revival Revived

One of the challenges in terms of gothic revival vestment work is making such designs stand out from the many catalogue offerings of gothic that poured into nearly every sacristy in the mid twentieth century. Many bespoke makers today are challenging the 'status quo ante' and seeking to revive some of the earlier, more inspiring attempts at such vestments such as we saw in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. One such maker is Altarworthy, based out of the Pacific Northwest in the United States.

Recently they shared a couple of designs for two gothic vestments they produced for a parish that caught my attention, one in black and the other in violet, both utilizing the same silk damask that was "custom milled in a classic gothic motif."  Aside from the beautiful colours and silk, which bring automatic nobility, what I particularly like in these designs as well is the use of a wide galloon (of the sort usually seen on Roman, Neri and Borromean vestments) to create a thin y-orphrey. The end result is quite beautiful I think you'll agree, not only for the chasuble, but also for the matching dalmatic. 

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