Slovenian Liturgical Arts Displayed at Fr. Rok Pogačnik's Ordination

Photos by OC-Travel

One historically Catholic land that is deserving of the adjective “superb” is Slovenia. Bordering Italy and Austria, this smaller country is something to behold, showcasing the full fragrance of liturgical arts. It was an immense privilege for me to visit here once again for the Ordination to the Sacred Order of Priesthood of my good friend Fr. Rok Pogačnik. Fr. Rok has been endeared to my family for many years; he very kindly came to my wedding in Rome several years ago and we have enjoyed the pleasure of visiting him in his beautiful homeland. Slovenia is what I describe as one of the best kept secrets of Europe. Indeed, the nation is a Habsburg baroque masterpiece, with many charming churches and altarpieces, some with restored Gothic splendour such as the recently completely restored church of St. Peter in Radovljica. Once part of the great Austria-Hungarian Empire, the land shines with its exquisite churches, old towns, manor halls, estates and palaces, boulevards and villages, resembling always a mini version of Vienna, the capital of the Empire.  The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the capital city of Ljubljana is sumptuous in every positive way with the finest of visual arts on full display. I hope the following photos will grant a glimpse, however brief, of this beautiful Catholic pocket of the world where I hope you will someday have the privilege to visit with us on pilgrimage. Many thanks and hearty congratulations to the newly ordained Fr. Rok!

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